A False Sense of Equality

Life doesn’t become fair when it’s unfair to everyone else. Life is unfair because it’s what makes the world what it is.


August 26, 2016 • 1:53am

Sometimes you learn a story… and it opens up your mind. And it brought you back to reality that this, this… thing happens in real world. In a world where you live; and yet, you don’t even know it’s actually happening nor you have any idea it does.

It’s just that… it opens up your mind to reality that the world isn’t really fair. No matter how much you try to conceal the truth… it will always come out. The parallel is visible.

Someone once told me that, “Life is unfair to me and you, so therefore, life is fair.” And for a moment, I believed in it. The moment I heard it, it had made me stopped on my tracks… It knocked me off; punched me straight into my face. I was totally caught off-guard. It then made me think of it. It had made me realize. It made me realize that it is, after all, fair.– This life… And I believed in it from then on.

Those phrase really made me think of it since then. A lot. I think of how much I questioned my life and my own fate… And everything around me. It made me think of how much I had actually doubted my life. Really made me think of everything. I thought, how and why did I ever think that life is unfair to me, when really, it is, to everyone else? ‘Life is unfair to me and you, so life is fair’. Those phrase made me realize something and it opened up my eyes. Opened up my mind. And every time I happen to question my life, or my existence… or I’m just simply mad at the world, or a little confuse… I’ll just remember those phrase, and then my fussy-cranky cynical little mind and the bad vibes of sort would just fade away. And I’d say, hey, life is unfair not just to you but also to everyone else around you, and the rest of humanity. And I’ll be like, who am I to complain? And then I’d shut my freaking mouth up for that.

But life is continuous… And you continue to learn.

I realized, there is no such thing as fair in this world. Nothing’s fair, and that’s the bitter truth. — The bitter truth that everyone should learn to accept. The bitter truth about life is that, we have to continue living even if the world isn’t fair. We have to live even if it will cause us more and more pain. We still have to live even if we’re no longer happy with the life that we have. We have to live even if we don’t want to, anymore. We have to live our life even if others do not understand us, and even if we don’t understand ourselves either. Even if we don’t understand a thing or two about this life. We have to continue to pull through even if we don’t know any reason why we have to. It’s like, we’re forced to do the things we don’t want to; forced to accept things even if we can’t. We should continue living even if we really, badly, want to give up.

Even if all we wanna do is to finally quit.

We have to accept things we don’t understand. We have to continue to fight even when you already want to rest. We have to continue what we’re fighting for, even if it hurts… even if we’re tired enough to want to stop. We have to keep holding on even if we already want to let go.– Even if all we really want, and what we really need is to let go. But then we keep on holding on. Just because we should. We have to understamd life full of questions. We have to do it all because we are… What we are, again? Human? Yes, human. Sometimes I almost, always forget what we are. What we really are. Because I feel like we’re just remotely doing things we do, just because we need to. We do things that’s so unlawful to our souls, and our own feelings… but then we have to survive. We have to do things even if it feels so wrong and doesn’t seem right. Because we have to. There are so many memos… and schedule full of deadlines. It sometimes feels like you are doing something you didn’t even filled up for.

I mean… Life isn’t fair. Really. Everyone is not going through a same storm. Not all people is going through something that you’re going through… Some are going through a different difficulties. Some are just having a little bit of trouble while some are going through a tough one. Some are happy and contented; some are choking to death. If you would see… Everyone is struggling; you could really say that everyone has a problem, yeah, of course we all do, but it’s not all the same. The weight is not equal… Not on the same level. Some are almost weightless, while some were trying really hard to lift it up, and some were almost dying… Lying on the ground… still trying to get the burden off their chest just so they could stand up once again. Perhaps even just to breathe a little.

It feels so robotic to know that we do the things we do just because we need to, even if we don’t feel like it. It hurts to know that, actually. That some are happy while some are suffering. Some are hurting while some doesn’t almost know pain. Some have smiles, some even have laughs, while some have tears. It feels so robotic that we do the things we’re all supposed to. We almost do things mechanically… But how the hell do we still feel pain? Because we’re humans? It’s like we’re designed to set aside our feelings and live like a robot. To dismiss every little thing that we feel just so it wouldn’t hurt. And yet, you still have to feel the pain. Doesn’t a robot feel any kind of pain? Or getting sick, or even tired? Ugh. It’s just so unfair.

LIFE IS SO NOT FAIR. But then sometimes you thought you’re miserable, and then you’ll look around and realize how actually lucky you are. You thought that life is unfair to you, and then you’ll look around and it’s hell to somebody.

We’re following the rules of life… We have our own lives– and yet, we can’t even call it our own.

We can’t follow what we feel because we follow the rules of life. But then we have our own lives, too, but this life is unfair.

Have you ever asked yourself that?

Can somebody break the rules?

Author: The Realist in the Abyss

I feel like a freaking lunatic. Wandering around... not knowing who I am... or what I do. And I'm still trying to figure it all out, too. But perhaps I'll always be unknown to me; I'll always be that girl. The girl in the abyss.

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